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Old #1 - 05-09-2007, 04:43 PM
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RSS Our Perceptions and Reality

A large ornate and colorful chair appears in a jungle clearing. Eyes peer from the surrounding jungle at this object.
First to approach was a man who had never seen such an object before. He circled the chair and cautiously reached out and stroked the chair. After a period of time he reached into his pouch and pulled out his most prized possession and placed it before the chair. He then raced off to tell his friends of his discovery.
Next to appear was a cat who carefully circled the chair and after finding no disturbing odors leapt up and lay down on the chair's soft cushion and dozed in the sun. After a time it jumped down and went hunting.
An explorer came upon the chair and knew what it was and promptly approached and sat down. They glanced around curiously and wondered how it arrived. Then having places to go; got up and left.
A short time later an old bull elephant rambled into the clearing heading straight for the fruit of the marula tree on the opposite side. On the way he crushed the chair under his foot.
Which perception was right?
Reality means different things depending on our perception. We take actions dependent on our understanding. We need to understand this when we don't understand the actions of someone else.
Food for thought.

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